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Full details of the Belief Buster Kit are available at: and a summary at this page.

The Belief Buster Kit contains over 20 techniques for identifying and clearing limiting beliefs and installing new positive beliefs in their place.

It includes the “Belief Buster Workbook” and “Belief Buster Meditation” so you can implement these changes at a subconscious level where it counts.In the meditation you will also release the ‘emotional glue’ that surrounds and compounds your beliefs!

What you belief about yourself, others or the world, is determining your experience in every moment!

Behind blocks and limitations in your life you will find a belief.

It is your beliefs that keep you separate from the successes you seek, from who you truly are and from all that you can be.

They can be the gateways to all that you seek, but sadly, they can also be the binding chains that keep you stuck in patterns of failure, struggle and heart-ache.

Thankfully, the choice is yours!

Change your beliefs – change your world.

Find out how in this definitive belief changing guide that addresses both conscious and subconscious elements in the belief changing process, described among many things as “the makeover of all makeovers”, “the missing link” and a “must have resource for personal development”.

Includes the “Belief Buster Workbook” and “Belief Buster Meditation”.

$97 – Currently At Over 50% Off At Only $47!

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