Aphrodite, calling me,
with a shell from the sea;
I can hear the sound of love’s symphony
Blow through my soul
And the tree that I am
Sheds leaves as I stand
Naked, bare
Defenceless to her love and care
Hidden no more…

I lay down my guard,
I lay down my scars and my past,
So I can be fully held in her arms.

Dear Aphrodite, Venus, dear love
The love that is deep within all of us
The love that I am
That I’ve always been
A boundless ocean, a fathomless sea…
Waves of love flow through me
The rhythm of infinity.

And I am re-born to myself, cleansed and whole
Shed of skins, of layers old
Rising to shine like a star in the sky
A phoenix, with you dear love, ever inside.

Love’s way
The call home
The tide of remembrance
The dance of the One.